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With SVN | Pro 2.0, improved Database features, the introduction of Projects for your listing process, and new ways to track and pay out commissions in Back Office bring your deal cycle together. From initial prospecting to finalizing royalties, your entire office is supported by one platform and can streamline every aspect of your deals.


Make your research work for you

Organize your database to easily find all contacts related to your market insights. Build and execute call lists and other prospecting tasks, then instantly pass property data to Projects to build proposals, BOVs, or full marketing campaigns for secured listings.


Take your listing process to the next level

Everything you know from Buildout Marketing is now part of a comprehensive workspace for your entire team. Assign tasks, track metrics and leads, and centralize project activity and communication as you market your listing. See every active deal on your Pipeline and predict gross commissions.

Back Office

Fast-track your financials

Don’t get lost in the details; close your deal cycle with ease. Advisors can create comps and vouchers directly from closed deals to ensure complete accuracy, back-office staff can track receivables, payables, and customized commission plans in one tool, and principals can easily pull reports to see how the entire brokerage is running.

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