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Get the most from your data in SVN Pro

The faster your property, comp, contact, and company data is added to SVN Pro, the faster you can leverage it for elevated deal-making. Here are a few tools to help you get your database up and running.

Contact Sync

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Connect your external address book in Gmail, Outlook 365, Yahoo, or iContact with Buildout to sync your accounts with your database automatically.

This is the fastest way to add contacts to the system and is more than a one-time import—Contact Sync will continue to update your database and connected external account whenever a contact is added or edited. Learn how to turn on Contact Sync.

Buildout import

Send us your data through our Google Form and our import team will confirm we received your data, review your files, and reach out if there are any questions. Next is the longest part of our process—cleaning and prepping your data for our import system.

You can help speed up this stage by taking advantage of our pre-made templates. After we process your import, we’ll send you an email to let you know everything is complete and your database is ready to go. Learn how to upload your import data through our Google Form.

Ready to get your data into SVN Pro?

Turn on Contact Sync now and use our Google Form to send all your data to Buildout for an import so you can start using your new tool at its fullest faster.

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