Beginning in Buildout

What to expect in setup, the work required of you, and your project timeline.

Our setup process has been crafted over the years to leave you feeling comfortable with your new tool and ready to promote your listings with a full library of branded marketing assets. In order to fully integrate Buildout with your existing systems as soon as possible, come prepared to every meeting and add your property data and users into the platform.


Your project includes six weeks of meetings with your designated Buildout Project Manager and Business Analyst



  • A full training walkthrough of the Buildout platform for your team
  • After orientation, you will have full access to the system to explore your docs and start adding your data

Project Launch

  • Start discussions about your branded assets, getting data into the system, and the next steps to make your plugin live


  • Each week, after you’ve spent time working in Buildout, we’ll address any further training questions and requests for updates to your materials
  • After your third and final check-in, you’ll have everything you need to run your brokerage’s marketing with Buildout and will graduate from your setup process!


Along with the software’s core features, your Buildout license includes docs, email, property websites, and a property inventory plugin—all specifically branded in your company’s style.

You can begin promoting properties with any of your branded, ready-to-use assets immediately after your orientation. Understanding what your Buildout materials include, and how they showcase your company brand, will help streamline your setup and any updates you might request.

Your company and brand in Buildout

After discussing the vision of your brand during the kickoff call, Buildout designers will implement your colors and styles throughout all of your assets.

All emails, websites, and plugins will feature your logos and colors from your first day in the system. You’ll also be able to configure multiple aspects for each of these features, like selecting defaults from different layouts and options.

Buildout Docs is where you’ll have the most room to show off the unique elements of your company’s brand and vision through customization during the setup process.

Working with Buildout Docs

When you first log in to Buildout, your library will be filled with document templates and pages we’ve created based on everything we’ve learned supporting the document best practices of thousands of brokerages—all styled to your brand and ready to go.


  • Brochures, Proposals, Offering Memorandums, and Owner Reports
  • Power Pages—Dynamic pages that automatically update with new features and layouts from Buildout


  • Compile existing Buildout pages into custom doc templates
  • PDF pages—If a Buildout page isn’t quite fitting your needs, you can upload a PDF and add it to your branded headers and footers making anything you need a seamless addition to your docs


  • Executive Summary—Configure data fields, page options, and layouts
  • Configure data fields, page options, and layouts
  • Cover, Table of Contents, and Section Divider Pages
  • Headers and Footers
  • Custom map marker

Listing syndication

Buildout partners with some of the leading listing platforms in CRE with syndication integrations that make maximizing your listing exposure as easy as possible.

Connect your broker profile to your account for any of our syndication partners and Buildout will send your listing to our network to automatically add it to their platforms. All of your on-market listings marked for syndication will create a posting on compatible platforms you’re connected to with no additional work from you.

Buildout will send any changes you make to your listing to syndication partners for them to update your posts on their platforms. Each syndication partner manages your post from there and we encourage you to reach out to them with any questions on how their platform works!


Buildout Support offers unlimited email support and operates between the hours of 9–5 CT. We use email to better share screenshot or video links, to make sure nothing is lost in communication as your requests are worked on by multiple teams within Buildout, and to maintain a support history for both your team and ours to learn from. All requested design changes have a turnaround time of one week.