Starting with Buildout's full suite of tools

brokerage size

11–30 brokers

training calls


import calls

≥ 3


7–9 weeks

Prepare for kickoff

Your first meeting will focus on your Buildout Project Manager and Data Analyst understanding how your business currently works and your goals for Buildout.

We’ll ask about your priorities and workflows regarding Lite CRM, Premium Marketing, and Back Office to inform your training and the structure of your team and data so we can prioritize your imports.

What we need ahead of time

Your data! Specifically your contact and research property database, and how those records are related to each other.

Who should attend the call

Decision-makers for your brokerage CRM and data structure.

What comes after this call

Scheduling your Lifecycle of a Deal Training and your Import Touchbase

What training looks like

Lifecycle of a Deal

This training follows one property from beginning research and prospecting phases, through running the marketing project, all the way to back-office processing.

Additional training

After your required Lifecycle of a Deal training, your remaining 5 training calls can be customized to your needs with a combination of any of the following options.

Feature deep dives
  • Lite CRM
  • Workspaces
  • Assignments
  • Pipeline
  • Back Office
Team services
  • Broker training
  • Q&A session
  • Ride alongs

Your imports project

Standard import

Use our import template for the fastest way of getting your data into Buildout. This requires one call with your Data Analyst to go through any questions you may have with your import.

Custom import

If you’re using data forms other than our template for your import, your Data Analyst will provide scoping requirements for how long the process will take. Weekly calls may be required to guarantee your data is imported quickly and correctly.

Your timeline*

sample timeline
sample timeline
sample timeline
*Your timeline will be delayed if calls are not attended or rescheduled for a later date. Sample timeline is built around weekly meeting times.
**Call frequency and topics vary based on your unique needs.